RJPS Volume 5, Issue 2, October-2017

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  1. Spearman correlations between learning styles from rational level and Gardner intelligence types
    Mihai Covaci
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(2)_2017_A1_Covaci
  2. Mindfulness and distal influence of social groups
    Aliodor Manolea
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(2)_2017_A2_Manolea
  3. Teaching gross motor imitation skills to children diagnosed with autism
    Daniela Doina Bololoi
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(2)_2017_A3_Bololoi
  4. Stress, depression and dysfunctional attitudes among elders. A non-experimental approach
    Mircea Bratu
    Radu Emanuel Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(2)_2017_A4_Bratu
  5. Psychotherapeutic approach of anxiety disorders – a false phobia, phagophobia. Case study
    Cristina-Mihaela Stoian
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(2)_2017_A5_Stoian
  6. Differences between the self-assessed and observed level of aggressivity of young drivers in traffic – a pilot study
    Emil Răzvan Gâtej
    Steliana Rizeanu
    George Ursachi
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(2)_2017_A6_Gatej


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