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1. Effect of child abuse on children’s psychological health outcomes: an empirical study in Sri Lanka
Pinnawala Pinnawalage Harshani Avanthika
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2. Perception of the overlap of the present self with the future self and self-esteem
Dan Vasiliu
Mircea Bratu
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3. The relationship between light triad personality traits, self-esteem and positive relations
Steliana Rizeanu
Mihaela Chraif
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4. A confirmatory factor analytic study of the work domain satisfaction scale in Zambia
Panida Yomaboot
Thanayot Sumalrot
Soisuda Imaroonrak
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5. The relationship between mindfulness and job crafting
Steliana Rizeanu
Mihaela Chraif
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6. Influence of unemployment on the psychological health of unemployed youths in Lagos state, Nigeria
Messigah Georgina
Hassan Ajoke
Ajiboye Bolanle
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7. Secondary school teachers’ awareness and application of vocabulary instructional strategy for teaching basic science in Awka South, Nigeria
Nwune Emmanuel Chibuike
Obialor Chris Okwuchukwu
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