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1. Water does not cool the mind: individual and team sports atheltes do not differ in perceived precompetetive anxiety
Andrej Simić
Elvis Vardo
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2. The overlap of the current self with the future self and the sense of coherence
Dan Vasiliu
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3. Social relations and optimism in the period of Covid 19 pandemic
Dan Vasiliu
Mircea Bratu
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4. The role of emotional intelligence in leadership
Steliana Rizeanu
Mirela Claudia Momanu
Cristina Matianu
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5. The impact of self-esteem on interpersonal relationships in psychology students
Mihai Covaci
Adelina Cadar
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6. The relationship between harmony, happiness and well being as meaning of life
Mihaela Chraif
Steliana Rizeanu
Mircea Bratu
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7. Gratitude, authenticity and life satisfaction
Mihaela Chraif
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