RJPS Volume 7 Issue 2, October 2019

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  1. The relationship between pedestrian behavior and personality traits
    Mihaela Chraif
    Download: RJPS_nr_7(2)_2019_A1_Craif
  2. Validation of the Romanian version of the scale for quality of life for young people with cancer
    Marinela Sîrbu
    Elisabeta Niţă
    Download: RJPS_nr_7(2)_2019_A2_Sirbu
  3. The effects of psychological aggressive characteristics among the performance in learning driving skills
    Anamaria Nicoleta Vladu
    Emil Razvan Gatej
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_7(2)_2019_A3_Vladu
  4. Cross-cultural study of coping behavior patterns in the university youth
    Yuliya Kovalenko
    Download: RJPS_nr_7(2)_2019_A4_Kovalenko
  5. The effects of communication by interactive road signalling on behavior while driving
    Emil Razvan Gatej
    Anamaria Nicoleta Vladu
    Download: RJPS_nr_7(2)_2019_A5_Gatej
  6. Investigating the perceived need for rest as moderator in the relationship between using various coping mechanisms and burnout
    Lavinia Țânculescu
    Mihaela Mădălina Pleșea
    Download: RJPS_nr_7(2)_2019_A6_Tanculescu