RJPS Volume 9 Special Issue 2021

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1. The relationship between social problem solving and psychological well-being: a literature review
Khalil Aburezeq
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2. Pattern of psychiatric disorders among patients at a private consultation chamber in Bangladesh
Md. Mohsin Ali Shah
Md. Aminul Islam
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3. Comparative elements of the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on gambling addicts
Steliana Rizeanu
Mirela Claudia Nicorici
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4. A confirmatory factor analytic study of the work domain satisfaction scale in Zambia
Victor Chikampa
Sheilas Kafula Chilala
Neema Moonga
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5. Appearances of stigma and discrimination among immunocompromised female injecting drug users (FIDU) – a study in Champai, Mizoram in India
Gautam Kr Ghosh
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6. The relationship between subjective well-being, perception of traffic signs, risk taking and errors in traffic
Mihaela Chraif
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7. Beware of the empty look: the mediation role of depersonalization in the relationship between dark triad personality factors and counterproductive work behaviours
George Ienea
Lavinia Țânculescu-Popa
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8. Perspectives on coping mechanisms in adolescent teenagers
Eliza Penelopa Nicolaescu
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