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1. The influence of attachment style and narcissistic personality disorder on satisfaction in the couple relationship
Marinela Sîrbu; Mirela Claudia Momanu
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2. The psychological impact of covid-19 pandemic on medical staff in Bucharest
Cristiana Haica; Cristina Cojocaru-Atasiei
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3. Vocational counseling and its influence in choosing the educational path
Ovidiu-Florentin Filip
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4. Principles and methods of forming a positive image of sexuality in old age
Svetlana Tolstaia; Marina Slavinski
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5. Innovation for all: unleashing the power of assistive technology in special education in Arabic speaking countries
Mona Saleh Alanazi
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6. Artificial intelligence’s impact on children education and health and children’s rights
Mustafa Yilmaz
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7. The relationship between psychological flexibility, resilience and covid-stress in university students of Pakistan
Nimra Saif
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8. Psychological factors of law enforcement on driver behavior: a pilot study
Emil-Răzvan Gâtej; Irina Bakhaya; Dan Vasiliu
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9. Substance and alcohol use disorders – substances, statistics, and current treatment approaches
Eliza Nicolaescu; Laura-Maria Matei-Mitacu
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10. Exploring the association between submissive behaviour, social comparison and depression in a clinical and non-clinical sample
Alexandra Banciu
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11. The aromas and the mind
Diana Dragomir
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