RJPS Volume 8 Issue 2, Octomber 2020

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1. The impact of perceived support in the workplace on the relationship between consciousness and personal performance
Nicolae Cristea
Steliana Rizeanu
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2. Maintaining psychological well-being by decreasing anxiety in hospitalized pregnant women
Silvia-Carmen Mikulović
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3. Emotional intelligence in children and adolescents with attention deficit hiperactivity disorder
Laporta-Herrero Isabel
Latorre-Forcén Patricia
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4. The relationship between sensations seeking, attachment and work addiction
Mihaela Chraif
Steliana Rizeanu
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5. Hardiness as a moderator effect of work environment towards job satisfaction
Anas Sihatul Iffah
Bilqis Librizky
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6. Covid-19 pandemic source representation in a sample of romanian adults: a brief report
Alexandra Maftei
Andrei-Corneliu Holman
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7. The relationship between humor, life satisfaction, emotions and well-being
Steliana Rizeanu
Mihaela Chraif
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8. Anxious-depressive comorbidity in binge eating disorder in a clinical sample of adolescents

Laporta-Herrero Isabel
Latorre-Forcén Patrici
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