RJPS Volume 8 Issue 1, March 2020

Download entire RJPS vol8-issue1, March-2020 journal:


  1. An anxiety disorder case study
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A1_Rizeanu
  2. Case study – young girl with persistent depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and anorexia
    Cristiana Haica
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A2_Haica
  3. The effects of stereotypes on empathy and aggression in social interactions
    Emil Razvan Gatej
    Andreea Pop
    Mircea Bratu
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A3_Gatej
  4. The relationship between the personality traits and the organizational citizenship behaviour
    Mihaela Chraif
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A4_Chraif
  5. Between I need to and I want to: religiosity of the employees and their sense of belonging
    Lavinia Țânculescu
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A5_Tanculescu
  6. Socio demography and primary psychiatric morbidities among patients at outpatient psychiatry department of a tertiary care hospital in Bangladesh
    Uddin Saleh
    Islam Aminul
    Arafat Yasir
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A6_Saleh
  7. Psychological characteristics of women opting for premature termination of pregnancy
    Silvia-Carmen Mikulović
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_8(1)_2020_A7_Mikulovic