RJPS Volume 5, Issue 1, April-2017

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  1. Differences in Facial Microexpression Recognition Between Students Who Study at a Technic Profile College and Those Who Study at a Humman Studies Profile
    Mihai Valentin, Ciolacu
    Emil Razvan, Gatej
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(1)_2017_A1_Ciolacu
  2. Mediating Variables in the Relation Between Personality Traits and Types of Commitment to an Organization. A Meta-Analytic Study
    Lavinia Țânculescu
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(1)_2017_A2_Tanculescu
  3. The Model of Interaction Between Optimism, Locus of Control and Hardiness
    Dan Vasiliu
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(1)_2017_A3_Vasiliu
  4. Spearman Correlations Between Model / Style of Learning Sensory (Perceptual) And Model / Style Of Learning Rational (Information Processing)
    Mihai Covaci
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(1)_2017_A4_Covaci
  5. An Attempt of Objectifying The Shamanic Way of Transformation Based on Throat Singing: A Statistical Approach
    Aliodor Manolea
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(1)_2017_A5_Manolea
  6. Study on Occupational Interests in Teenagers
    Igor, Racu
    Carmen, Boiangiu
    Download: RJPS_nr_5(1)_2017_A6_Racu