RJPS Volume 6 Issue 2, October 2018

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  1. Transformational leadership in Romania’s education system: preliminary results
    Andra Costache
    Download: RJPS_nr_6(2)_2018_A1_Costache
  2. Psychological profile of the new generation of students in psychology
    Georgiana Constantin
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_6(2)_2018_A2_Constantin, Rizeanu
  3. The relation between personal need for thoughts structure, hope and well-being
    Teodor Vasile
    Download: RJPS_nr_6(2)_2018_A3_Vasile
  4. Relationship between the structuring level of the psychical functions, the self-acceptance and the well-being
    Maria Tănase Mânzat
    Download: RJPS_nr_6(2)_2018_A4_Manzat
  5. Irrational gambling related cognitions of compulsive gambler
    Steliana Rizeanu
    Download: RJPS_nr_6(2)_2018_A5_Rizeanu
  6. The effects of nonverbal enforcement on driving behaviour
    Emil Razvan Gatej
    Anamaria Nicoleta Vladu
    Download: RJPS_nr_6(2)_2018_A6_Vladu